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42Signals is an AI-powered solution suite for consumer brands to anticipate consumer demand, track competition, optimize digital shelves, and grow online sales. Backed by eCommerce insights, we help brands to win in an online retail environment.

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Get eCommerce insights on
price trends, product stocks and customer reviews

Our Suite

Retail Data Points at Your Fingertips


Digital Shelf

Review, compare, and optimize your product listings to maximize your share of the digital shelf. Track share of search, trending products, availability, reviews, and more.


Voice of Customer

Comprehend customer sentiment by sifting through millions of product reviews and eCommerce consumer insights. Win customers and build your brand.


Social Media Listening

Tap into global social conversation to extract actionable insights, identify gaps, and improve brand health. Monitor public online conversations with 42Signals.

Win Customers and Build your Brand

Why Choose 42Signals?

Data Trilemma ─ Accuracy, Speed, Scale

The foundation layer for any price monitoring system is the speed of data scanning, scaling, accuracy of data collection, and delivery. Our team has perfected data trilemma for over a decade and it is one of our strongest KPIs.


We use AI and ML that can provide sustainable solutions to our customers. We work with data engineers to map the digital retail landscape. We help clients to make smarter decisions driven by exclusive insights.


We provide 24/7 support to our customers via chat, email, and phone services. Our data experts can help you to set up the web crawlers and customize the dashboard. as per your requirement.

Domain Expertise

42Signals delivers eCommerce insights that help consumer brands become agile in today's fast-moving world. Our team possesses extensive experience and passion to deliver only the very best.

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