MAP Violations & Seller Intelligence

Intelligence to simplify complex eCommerce data

MAP violations (Minimum Advertised Price violations) are a significant concern for brands and manufacturers as they undermine the carefully established pricing strategies. These violations occur when sellers advertise products below the agreed-upon minimum price, disregarding the pricing policies set by the brand. 

Track unauthorized sellers and identify MAP violations with 42Signals
Identify price violations and uphold MAP policies

MAP Violations

MAP violations devalue the brand’s image and pose challenges to maintaining healthy profit margins. It can create a negative perception among customers – when comparing prices offline and online, or while comparing the brand’s native website to prices on retail platforms – leading to a loss of trust and credibility. 

Monitoring and addressing MAP violation proactively is imperative for brands to protect their reputation and ensure fair competition in the market.

Seller Intelligence

To achieve fair pricing, Seller Intelligence plays a crucial role in providing brands with comprehensive data on product pricing and seller behavior across various online platforms and marketplaces.

By leveraging Seller Intelligence tools, brands can gain real-time insights into identifying unauthorized sellers and detect instances of price violations. This empowers them to maintain price integrity and foster a healthy and sustainable business ecosystem.

Identify unauthorized sellers and track seller performance

42Signals combats these prevailing challenges by offering an all-around solution for MAP Violation monitoring combined with powerful Seller Intelligence features. 

The Benefits of 42Signals’ MAP Violations & Seller Intelligence Features

  • Increased Revenue: By curtailing unauthorized sales and maintaining pricing policies, 42Signals protects your bottom line and boosts profits.
  • Increased Efficiency: By consolidating price and seller data into a single dashboard, our platform frees up resources allocated to monitoring, increasing operational efficiency.
  • Enhanced Brand Reputation: By ensuring price consistency across platforms, brands can maintain the perceived value of their products and the overall brand reputation.
  • Risk Mitigation: By identifying MAP violations and unauthorized sellers, 42Signals enables brands to act proactively, thus minimizing legal and business risks associated with these violations.

MAP Violations and Seller Intelligence solutions from 42Signals, empowers brands to maintain pricing integrity, take prompt action against violators, and gain valuable insights into their sellers’ performance. 

This e-commerce analytics data can be integral in optimizing the distribution network and improving business outcomes. 

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