Meet our Leaders

At 42Signals, we have a set of extraordinary people with a distinguished vision and determination. Our executive team’s experience, expertise, and values set us apart from the competition and helps our clients do the same.

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Our Leadership

Prashant Kumar - CEO, 42Signals

Prashant Kumar


Arpan Jha, 42Signals

Arpan Jha


Vivek Bhaskaran, Product Head, 42Signals

Vivek Bhaskaran

VP - Products

Management Team

Sukesh-Chande, Sales Head

Sukhesh Chande

Sales Head

Nibin Naduvilveetil, Tech Lead, 42Signals

Nibin Naduvilveetil

Engineering Head

Arun Ashok, Tech Head, 42Signals

Arun Ashok

Engineering Head

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CEO and Founder at PromptCloud and JobsPikr, Prashant leads our engineering team and has over 15 years of experience in data analytics. Over time, he has built a team of passionate data wizards who work towards a common vision. He graduated from IIT, India and worked for leading firms like Yahoo before venturing as an entrepreneur.

Arpan is the Chief Strategy Officer at PromptCloud and Co-Founder at JobsPikr and 42Signals. She has experience working with the Big 4s as a tech and functional consultant and holds a Master’s degree in Software Engineering from Carnegie Mellon. One of the most versatile leaders, Arpan is an analytics and BI thought leader and expert with a flair for bridging business needs with technology.

Vice President of Products, Vivek is one of the dynamic technology leaders with experience in building enterprise solutions, software, and web applications. He manages a team of product experts for Jobspikr and 42Signals. Passionate about people, leadership, growth, and technology, he helps businesses utilize the wealth of data available on the web to get started with their big data initiatives.

Sukesh is the head of sales at PromptCloud. He brings over eight years of diverse sales experience. Prior to joining PromptCloud, Sukesh worked for Andy Mannhart. Sukesh has experience managing a team of sales executives and managers for Jobspikr and 42Signals. His expertise lies in building processes, understanding clients’ unique needs, and addressing them.

Nibin is the head of engineering at PromptCloud. He’s a new addition to the leadership team and has over 10 years of experience in managing data engineers and teams. He has worked for almost a decade in Entrata India as a technical manager and has experience in web applications development and client-server enterprise applications.

Arun is the head of engineering at PromptCloud. He carries over 17 years of leadership experience in designing and implementing product strategy and building cohesive tech teams. He worked in the startup ecosystem across industries and has been instrumental in delivering continuous value using lean, agile, and innovative tech for global outcomes.