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Customer Sentiment Analysis

Customer Sentiment Analysis – A Complete Guide

Customer sentiment analysis is the process of analyzing and understanding the emotions and opinions expressed by customers about a brand, product, or service. This analysis

MAP Monitoring - A Complete Guide
Digital Shelf Analytics

MAP Monitoring – A Complete Guide

What is MAP Monitoring Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) monitoring refers to the process of monitoring and enforcing the MAP policy set by manufacturers or brands.

Category management
Digital Shelf Analytics

Category Management – A Complete Guide

What is Category Management Category Management is a process commonly used in retail and eCommerce industries, where similar products are grouped together into separate categories

dynamic pricing in retail
Digital Shelf Analytics

Dynamic Pricing in Retail – Retail Guide 2023

What is Dynamic Pricing Dynamic pricing in retail refers to the practice of adjusting the prices of products in real-time based on various factors such

Share of Voice
Social media

Share of Voice: A Complete Guide

What is Share of Voice SOV is a metric that measures a brand’s or company’s share of the total online conversation or advertising space within

Voice of the customer
Social media

The Essential Guide to Voice of the Customer

What is Voice of the Customer Voice of the Customer (VOC) refers to the process of capturing and analyzing the needs, wants, and expectations of