Product Availability Analytics with 42Signals: Optimizing Inventory Management and Boosting Sales

Product availability refers to the state or status of a product being in stock and readily available for purchase or distribution to customers. It is a critical aspect of inventory management and supply chain operations for businesses to maintain a positive customer journey.

Understand products going out of stock and improve inventory levels

Product availability – a function of Digital Shelf Analytics – is the foundation of a pleasant shopping experience. When the product is always in stock, the customer is more confident and likely to make a purchase. When products are generally out of stock, it hampers the customer experience with the brand. The more often it continues, the higher the damage to the company’s reputation and customer perception.

Ensuring product availability or stock availability is essential for meeting customer demands, maximizing sales, and maintaining customer satisfaction. 42Signals provides businesses with this feature to track their products on online marketplaces by providing –

Pincode-Level Availability Insights by 42Signals helps brands solve Product Availability Challenges

Pincode-Level Availability Insights

Understanding Out-of-Stock Products and Patterns

42Signals empowers businesses to track product availability down to the pincode level. It allows brands to identify serviceable areas pertaining to particular products and use those insights to make any necessary changes. 

By understanding product availability in specific regions, companies can tailor their distribution strategies, optimize delivery networks, and ensure timely fulfillment of customer orders. Pincode-level insights enable businesses to identify high-demand areas and strategically allocate inventory to maximize sales and customer satisfaction.

The Product Availability analytics feature goes beyond real-time tracking of stock levels. It allows users to predict and identify out-of-stock situations beforehand, enabling proactive inventory management. By understanding when certain products are likely to run out of stock, businesses can plan ahead and ensure they have sufficient inventory to meet demand. 

Moreover, the system helps identify patterns in product stockouts, such as before festival days or peak shopping seasons, enabling companies to make informed decisions and avoid lost sales opportunities.

Automated Notifications for Inventory Management by 42Signals helps brands solve Product Availability Challenges
With the right product availability insights by 42Signals optimize product promotion decisions

Automated Notifications for Inventory Management

Optimizing Short-Term Product Promotion Decisions

42Signals also offers automated notifications that alert users when products are running low or are out of stock. This feature ensures that businesses can take immediate action to replenish stock and avoid disappointing customers with unfulfilled orders. 

Additionally, brands can extend these notifications to track their competitors’ product availability, presenting opportunities to capitalize on the market when competitors’ products are scarce.

By gaining real-time insights into competitor availability status, businesses can make swift and informed short-term product promotion decisions. If competitors’ products are unavailable or low in stock, companies can seize the opportunity to run targeted marketing campaigns, offering their own products as attractive alternatives to potential customers. This proactive approach boosts brand visibility and drives sales, especially during peak buying periods.


A leading electronics retailer leverages 42Signal’s Product Availability Analytics to monitor the stock levels of its popular smartphones across different pin codes. 

During a festive season, the platform’s predictive analysis alerts the retailer that certain smartphone models are likely to go out of stock due to high demand. Armed with this information, the retailer proactively replenishes inventory in those regions, ensuring customers’ orders are fulfilled without any delays. 

Furthermore, the retailer identifies that a key competitor’s flagship smartphone is currently out of stock. Capitalizing on this opportunity, they run a targeted promotional campaign highlighting their own similar product, resulting in increased sales and market share.

42Signals empowers brands with digital shelf analytics and VoC analytics to make the right decisions based on sound data. This can shape growth and revenue while giving businesses an added advantage in promoting their products. 

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