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Digital Shelf Analytics

Intelligence to simplify complex eCommerce data

Track, manage, and optimize your product performance across online channels. With Digital Shelf Analytics solution, track KPIs like share of search, product availability, pricing related analytics, and reviews to amplify your online growth. Discover product trends to gain competitive insights, both at category and brand levels across marketplaces.

Digital Shelf Analytics
Digital Shelf Analytics

Product Assortment

Execute demand-based product assortment planning. Leverage data-driven insights to optimize category assortment and plan the ideal mix of merchandise.

Our analytics-driven product assortment solution can enhance sales opportunities by helping consumer brands craft the appropriate stocking strategies. With 42Signals, automatically track your products listings and performance, all in one place, with a user-friendly interface.

Product Price Benchmarking

Conducting price parity analysis lets you fairly compete against your competitors. The tool enables you to maintain consistent pricing of your products across all seller platforms, especially in the regions where the concept of MRP (Minimum retail price) does not exist.

Using 42Signals, you can understand market fluctuations, current trends, and ongoing discounts within the category your business operates in. So the products can be placed and priced to compete better, within a category. You can also monitor how price fluctuations of one product can affect your brand.

Digital Shelf Analytics
Digital Shelf Analytics

Tracking MAP Violation

Protect your brand from competitors and congruous pricing practices. Pricing enormously affects brand perception and the entire online eCommerce ecosystem.

42Signals identifies and flags sellers violating MAP (Minimum advertised price) policies, where you can track MAP violators and unauthorized sellers across markets on a real-time basis. Identify partnership opportunities with merchants who are selling your competitor products

Competitive Analysis

Conducting a seller performance analysis helps to Identify key selling points, features, and benefits of listed products. 42Signals discovers general directions that brands are taking by competing at a category and product level. Tracking this metric is extremely essential to reduce your opportunity cost and positively impact revenue.

Digital shelf analysis dashboard

Built for Consumer Brands


B2C Brands

Determine category trends to improve product conversions across eCommerce platforms. Business-to-consumer brands can benefit by getting insights into competitors’ product ranges and you can also optimize your product portfolio.


D2C Brands

Fuel product-level profitability, and succeed at speed and scale across direct-to-consumer platforms for high-growth businesses in the digital-first economy. Get a competitive intelligence advantage and get real-time information on discounts and promotions.



The product data insights can help marketers and sales professionals to ensure brand visibility and track the omnichannel purchase behavior of customers. Equip frontline executives with information on sales to drive profit margins.

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