Competitor Analyis Dashboard

Harnessing the Potential of Share of Search: Driving Business Growth in the Digital Era

Provides valuable insights into how your brand performs against competitors regarding Share of Search. It allows you to identify your strongest competitors and analyze brands sponsoring your top-performing keywords. 

With 42Signals, businesses can analyze their competitor performance via a competitor analysis dashboard

With the Competitor Analysis Dashboard feature on 42Signals, your brand can – 

  1. Competitor Ads on Keywords: Delve deep into the strategies of rival brands by identifying which competitors are sponsoring ads on your top-performing keywords.
  2. Competitor Trend Comparison: Keep a close eye on your competitor’s advertising activity. Track how the number of competitor-sponsored ads has changed over time. 
  3. Competitor Benchmarking: Monitor the percentage of Share of Search changing over time with respect to the overall competition.
  4. New Entrants: Analyze organic search listings for specific keywords and spot new brands and products appearing on the first page. 



Suppose you’re an e-commerce platform in the electronics industry, you can compare your Share of Search with other leading players in the market. 

If the Share of Search analysis shows that your products consistently appear alongside your competitors for certain keywords, it indicates a healthy market presence. However, if there are keywords where only your competitors’ products are displayed, and yours are missing, it reveals a potential gap in your marketing strategy.

You can also look at your competitor’s advertising activity and see how they manage their advertisements. If their Share of Search percentage is higher than yours, you can ramp up your advertising and organic efforts. 

With all of these data points, you can refine strategies by identifying areas of improvement. 


Monitoring Share of Search allows businesses to assess their performance over time and track changes in their market positioning. 

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