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In today’s digital world, we see a lot of information being exchanged on the web, in the form of data. Web content consists of text, images, audio, and video inputs. However, data is majorly collected on how a user responds to the web content for understanding the digital user behavior.

Capturing all the data points available on the web from content, web structure, and usage mining via e-commerce analytics serves several functional areas. However, only through asking the right questions, you can get answers that best suit your business needs.

Analysis of the market

E-commerce Analytics Use Cases

A use case is a methodology used in system analysis to identify, clarify and organize system requirements. Our use cases are made up of a set of possible sequences of interactions between systems and users in a particular environment and related to a particular goal.

The voice of customer analytics
You need to discern multiple directions as a brand to comprehend customers across platforms. Our e-commerce analytics tool fills this gap, improves product visibility, and helps brands. Quantify your brand’s consumer fondness by tracking the share of discussions and product sentiments.
Brand comparison analytics
Identity your competitors and their customer journey by performing a comprehensive landscape study of the brands on review data across marketplaces with e-commerce analytics. Find your edge over the competitors and portray your brand accordingly for placing your brand in a commercial viewpoint.
Pricing Intelligence
The deep analysis of contextual text mining helps brands go beyond conducting superficial analytics to understand consumer preferences. E-commerce analytics provides pricing intelligence that helps you understand market integrity to optimize your product pricing to match standard practices.
Category benchmarking
Get a consolidated performance view for all your products in a single view by conducting category benchmarking with e-commerce analytics. Find out your Hero products by figuring out the share of discussions happening for each product across platforms, and place the products accordingly to get max visibility..
Availability tracking
Get near real-time alerts whenever your products go out of stock and when they are just about to finish. This gives you an opportunity to handle business and restock the products quickly. Stay ahead of product stocking issues and set customized alerts and triggers on our e-commerce analytics platform.

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