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What can we help you with today?

Yes, the product can be customized to your business use cases. We ideally would like to have the details like the data you’d like to extract from which marketplaces, how often you’d like the data to be refreshed, your brands, and the brands you consider as your competition so that we can prepare the system with the data that’s relevant for you.

We can refresh the data every few hours on a daily basis depending on your business requirements.

42Signals is backed by its parent company, PromptCloud. PromptCloud has over a decade of experience in providing customized DaaS solutions to many fortune 500 companies. Extracting data at scale, speed and accuracy is something we’ve mastered.

42Signals is mainly designed for B2C and D2C companies to track, optimize and grow their online presence. As of now, we are solving two problems - Digital Shelf Analytics and VOC analytics. Of course, it’s just the tip of the iceberg and we envision being the one-stop shop for any consumer-facing businesses by providing holistic online retail metrics.

Yes, free trial access for a week can be provided for the product. However, we recommend you go through the product demo and help us understand your business requirements so that we can set up the system with the data that’s relevant to you.