Keyword Ranking Dashboard

Harnessing the Potential of Share of Search: Driving Business Growth in the Digital Era

Allows you to monitor and track the performance of your keywords in search engine rankings. It provides real-time data on keyword visibility, trends, and changes, enabling you to identify opportunities for improvement – which keywords are driving sales and ones that need more investment. 

With 42Signals, businesses can see their performance via a keyword ranking dashboard

With the Keyword Ranking Dashboard feature on 42Signals, your brand can – 

  1. Visualize Keyword Performance: Gain real-time and comprehensive views of your keyword rankings across various marketplaces.
  2. Keyword Ranking Over Time: Gauge your brand’s ranking for specific keywords and observe their dynamic changes. 
  3. Product Visibility Distribution by Keywords: Monitor the distribution of product visibility for each keyword. 
  4. Keyword Trends: Analyze your share of search percentage for various keywords over time.


Suppose you’re a clothing brand focusing on sustainable fashion – By tracking keywords like “sustainable clothing” or “eco-friendly fashion,” you can measure your visibility in the search results and see the position of your products. 

This data may showcase that rankings for “sustainable clothing” have improved, placing their products in the first 5 slots (low keyword rank) of the search results. On the other hand, the keyword “eco-friendly fashion” may be performing relatively lower, in the second page (high keyword rank),  indicating a need for more targeted optimization to improve its visibility.

A higher keyword rank means that your product appears farther on the page. Hence, a lower keyword rank is better as your products appear closer to the top of the results.

With these insights, the clothing brand can allocate the necessary resources to focus on the identified high-performing keywords. 

Monitoring Share of Search allows businesses to assess their performance over time and track changes in their market positioning. 

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