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Inspired by the novel written by Douglas Adams’ The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, the number 42 resonated with us. This very evident parody yet insightful novel series “projected” 42 as “THE” answer to life, the universe, and the meaning of everything. Asking the right questions leads to infinite possibilities while the answers are mostly conformist leading to a dead end! Taking this ethos forward, our vision is to be “42” for B2C and D2C brands in the online space.

In today’s digital world, we see a lot of information being exchanged on the web, in the form of data. Web content consists of text, images, audio, and video inputs. However, data is majorly collected on how a user responds to the web content for understanding digital user behavior. As there are many spokes to the wheel, 42SIGNALS strives to be the nucleus for brands to help navigate various dimensions in the digital tesseract with eCommerce data insights.

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eCommerce Data Pioneers

In the pre-eCommerce era, retail sales were happening mostly in physical retail stores. A company should have a strong distribution network to ensure that its product reaches the last-mile customer. Established players in the domain had a moat over the new entrants mostly because of the distribution network they developed over many years.

The birth of eCommerce has leveled the playing field where new entrants can compete with category giants on the same platter. The pandemic accelerated eCommerce adoption across the globe and has only increased the complexities for brands in dealing with data from many channels and comprehending it in a meaningful way.



Our vision is to be “42” for consumer brands in the online space.



We put reliable data at the heart of every business to fuel success.

Why 42Signals?

Introducing 42Signals, an eCommerce data insights tool that lets you ask and look for retail data points at your fingertips. We have put over a decade's worth of work into developing and customizing our product for the tech-savvy and business frontline executives.

A subsidiary product of PromptCloud, operating in automating web data acquisition for F500 companies by providing customized DaaS solutions. The foundation layer for any analytics solution is to have data with speed, accuracy, and scale. The data Trilemma we’ve mastered over the years.

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