Seller Intelligence

Preventing Revenue Loss: Tackling Unauthorized Resellers and Price Undercutting

42Signals provides robust seller intelligence capabilities that help businesses navigate the marketplace. Through advanced analytics and data insights via an intuitive easy-to-use dashboard, brands can better understand their sellers’ performance.

Identify unauthorized sellers and track seller performance

With 42Signals, your brand benefits from –

  1. Advanced Analytics: 42Signals offers advanced analytics tools that provide brands with a comprehensive overview of their sellers’ performance. By analyzing critical data points, such as product assortment, pricing strategies, and inventory levels, brands can gain deep insights into seller behavior.
  2. Intuitive Dashboard: The intuitive and user-friendly dashboard presents a 360-degree view of the online marketplace, making it easy for brands to navigate and access crucial information. From product listings to platforms where sellers operate, the dashboard provides granular details that allow for precise evaluation.
  3. Identifying Top Performers: Armed with actionable data, brands can identify their top-performing sellers. These insights enable businesses to recognize the most valuable partnerships and allocate more inventory to these sellers, ensuring a smooth distribution of products and maximizing sales potential.
  4. Detecting Unauthorized Resellers: Through Seller Intelligence, brands can quickly spot unauthorized resellers and take swift action. By identifying sellers who do not adhere to brand policies or pricing guidelines, businesses can protect their brand image and prevent revenue loss from unauthorized discounting.


For a beauty brand looking to evaluate its seller performance across different marketplaces, The Seller Intelligence feature from 42Signals would be an ideal fit. With this data, the company can analyze the assortment of products being sold, their prices, the various platforms, and other details to gain better visibility about their inventory. This can lead to identifying top-performing sellers and allocating more inventory to them to distribute products. 



42Signals’ Seller Intelligence empowers brands to proactively tackle unauthorized resellers and price competition. By utilizing advanced analytics and an intuitive dashboard, businesses can optimize their seller network, identify the potential for growth and expansion to improve overall sales and business revenue. 

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