MAP Violations

Protecting Your Brand: The Impact of MAP Violation 

Protecting your brand’s integrity in today’s competitive marketplace is paramount to sustaining long-term success. Yet, many businesses encounter a common challenge – unauthorized retailers undercutting their product prices, eroding customer trust, and diluting brand value. This issue, known as Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) violations, can have far-reaching consequences that damage brand reputation.

Track unauthorized sellers and identify MAP violations with 42Signals

Countless businesses suffer customer attrition as unauthorized retailers undersell their products at significantly discounted prices. With 42Signals’ digital shelf analytics feature, brands gain real-time visibility into their product listings across multiple online marketplaces.

The platform constantly monitors product prices and detects any instances of MAP violations. This allows brands to take swift action against violators, ensuring consistent pricing across all sales channels and protecting their brand value.


With 42Signals, your brand benefits from –

  1. Real-Time Monitoring: The 42Signals platform continuously monitors product prices across various online channels. As soon as a MAP violation occurs, the system detects the discrepancy, enabling businesses to stay one step ahead of unauthorized sellers.
  2. Swift Detection and Notification: When a MAP violation is identified, 42Signals immediately notifies the brand, empowering them to take decisive action. This proactive approach enables brands to respond promptly, preventing further damage to pricing integrity.
  3. Enforcing Pricing Policies: Armed with real-time data and actionable insights, brands can swiftly address MAP violations and enforce their minimum advertised price. By ensuring consistent pricing across all sales channels, businesses can reinforce their brand’s value proposition and customer perception.


For a leading watch manufacturing brand looking to maintain strict control over its pricing policies, the MAP Violation feature from 42Signals would be a perfect fit. The company can use the platform to monitor their products across various online marketplaces, detecting any unverified or verified sellers advertising their products below the minimum advertised price. This violation is immediately notified to the brand, allowing them to take the necessary action to enforce their pricing policy.

42Signals empowers businesses to protect their brand’s value by effectively combating MAP violations. With real-time visibility and actionable insights, brands can uphold pricing integrity, maintain customer loyalty, and strengthen their market position in today’s competitive digital landscape.

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