Green Monday 2023

Green Monday 2023: A Guide to Eco-Friendly Shopping

Green Monday is back; this year, it’s all about shopping with a conscience. Falling on the second Monday of December, Green Monday has come a long way from its origins as a big sales day. In 2023, it’s not just about snagging deals; it’s about making choices that are kind to our planet.

What is Green Monday?

Think of Green Monday as the eco-conscious cousin of Black Friday. It started in 2007 as a big sales day for eBay but has since grown into something much bigger. Today, it’s a day when shoppers and retailers focus on sustainability and environmentally friendly practices.

Why is Green Monday 2023 Special?

As sustainability shopping is on the rise, more and more shoppers are conscious about buying habits and what they want to spend their money on. Considering sustainability practices their environmental impact, how the brand sources and produces products, and the ethical techniques, are all questions that go into the purchasing journey. 

With social media, the general population has also become more aware of how our choices affect the planet. The increasing number of wildfires, floods, and other reminders bring climate change to the forefront – it is real and happening now. Whatever the reason, in 2023, Green Monday is not just about buying stuff; it’s about buying stuff that matters.

Eco-Friendly Shopping: More Than a Passing Fad

Gone are the days when “eco-friendly” meant bland. Now, several brands have made efforts to make upcycled or sustainable products stylish from recycled fabrics, develop cool tech gadgets that save energy and have a carbon-neutral footprint like Apple’s latest series 9 watch, and so much more. 

The Rise of Green Brands

This Green Monday, you’ll see loads of deals from brands that are serious about being green. These aren’t your average companies. They’re businesses that care about how their products are made, who makes them, and their impact on the planet.

Tech Meets Green

Tech isn’t just about the latest phone or gadget anymore. This year, we’re seeing apps that help you reduce your carbon footprint, energy-saving devices, and all sorts of innovations that make being eco-friendly easier than ever.

Image Source: Deccan Herald 

Why It Matters

Shopping green isn’t just good for the earth. It’s also about being fair and ethical. Many brands participating in Green Monday are committed to fair wages and supporting local communities. So, when you shop green, you’re doing good in more ways than one.

Tips for Shopping Green This Monday

  1. Do Your Homework: Look for brands that walk the talk on environmental responsibility.
  2. Quality Over Quantity: Choose items that last longer, even if they cost a bit more.

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  1. Packaging Matters: Go for minimal or recycled packaging.
  2. Shop Local: Support local businesses to cut down on shipping emissions.
  3. Think Long-Term: Invest in products that are good for you and the planet.

Looking Ahead

Green Monday 2023 is more than a day; it’s part of a bigger movement towards living sustainably every day, it’s a chance to make choices that are good for the planet and for each other. The hope is that the values of Green Monday will become a regular part of how we all shop and live.

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