Product Performance Dashboard

Harnessing the Potential of Share of Search: Driving Business Growth in the Digital Era

The Product Performance Dashboard enables you to evaluate the performance of your products across various marketplaces.

With 42Signals, businesses can analyze their performance via a product performance dashboard

With the Product Performance Dashboard feature on 42Signals, your brand can – 

  1. Product Landscape Overview: Allows you to visualize how your products are distributed across different levels of search visibility. 
  2. Product Rank Over Time: Keep a close eye on the ranking of each product for specific keywords over time across marketplaces. 
  3. Top Visible Products: Understand your top visible products in a specific marketplace and whether the visibility is organic or paid. 



Suppose you’re a tech company looking to launch a new smartphone, you can track the performance of your existing products to gauge how they’re faring and decide marketing strategies. 

By observing the Share of Search for these products, you can assess their product performance over time and track changes in their market positioning to formulate the best go-to-market approach for new products. You can also assess which are your top-performing products specific to marketplaces and decide on the best launch options for maximum impact. 


Monitoring Share of Search allows businesses to assess their performance over time and track changes in their market positioning. 

By identifying fluctuations and trends in their Share of Search, companies can gain valuable insights into the effectiveness of their marketing efforts, the impact of competitors, and shifts in consumer behavior.

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