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OnePlus’s share of discussion

OnePlus’s Share of Discussion on Amazon

The Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale- a sale that most Indians wait for to buy all the items they have eyed throughout the year!

As per a recent post by The Hindu, Amazon claimed to have sold over 100 OnePlus smartphones every minute for the first 48 hours of the sale.

But why OnePlus?

Was it because the OnePlus phones had the most discounts on their smartphones? Or was it because OnePlus’s share of discussion was higher compared to its competitors like Apple, Samsung, etc.?

Well, if we had to guess, we would say it was OnePlus’s share of discussion that made customers choose the brand instead of its competitors.

Let us first understand what we mean by OnePlus’s Share of Discussion:

The “share of discussion” on Amazon, from an e-commerce perspective for a brand like OnePlus, refers to the brand’s prominence and visibility within the conversations and online discussions related to its products on Amazon. It represents how much attention and conversation OnePlus is getting compared to its competitors in the e-commerce space.

A higher share of discussion indicates that more people are talking about and engaging with OnePlus products on Amazon, which can be a positive sign for the brand’s online presence and potential sales on the platform.

To understand this better, let’s take the OnePlus 11 5G as an example:

OnePlus’s Share of Discussion for its OnePlus 11 5G smartphone looked something like this for aspects like Camera, Battery, Display, Performance, Charger, etc.

As per the insights from 42Signals, OnePlus’s 11 5G smartphone had over a share of discussion of over 15.73% on Amazon for its camera, 10.75% for its battery life, and so on.

What we also discovered was the sentiment analysis of the share of discussion based on the reviews that customers have left on Amazon for the OnePlus 11 5G, which had a positive sentiment of over 70% for each of the aspects, which likely contributed to its success during the Amazon sale.

OnePlus, by leveraging its high ‘share of discussion,’ not only achieved remarkable sales during the Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale but also demonstrated the strategic importance of this metric for brands in the e-commerce landscape. Brands can learn valuable lessons from this success story.

A high share of discussion is a reflection of a brand’s visibility and desirability, which can significantly impact its sales.

Brands that actively monitor and engage with their share of discussion can gain several advantages, such as:

  • Product Improvement Roadmap: Share of discussion helps identify aspects of products that resonate with customers, guiding data-driven product improvement.
  • Competitive Insights: It provides insights into the competitive landscape, allowing brands to stay ahead of the competition.
  • Positive Brand Image: It serves as a crucial indicator of customer sentiment, aiding in the maintenance of a positive brand image.
  • Effective Decision-Making: Share of discussion aids in strategic decision-making, helping brands plan marketing and promotional efforts more effectively.

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