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Ecommerce market study
biotique's share of search on amazon

Biotique’s Share of Search on Amazon

When someone says “keywords” or “search” w.r.t businesses, our immediate association is often with Google. And rightfully so, since it’s one of the biggest search

Product Availability on Amazon Digital Shelf

Product Availability on Amazon Digital Shelf

Imagine, if you will, a case study centered around a cosmetics brand we’ll refer to as “GlamourGlow.”  There once existed a well-known cosmetics brand called

samsung's seller intelligence

Samsung’s Seller Intelligence

As one of the most prominent players in the electronics industry, that sells various products across platforms, it is almost impossible for a brand like

iphone positive and negative aspects

iPhone 13: Positive & Negative Aspects

When we think about iPhones, we often picture them as having beautiful, colorful screens and excellent cameras. Some of us might even want to buy


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