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Share of Discussion – Most Popular Samsung Phone in 2023

After we explored Vivo and Oppo, both significant contenders in the Indian smartphone market, we wanted to delve further into Samsung, a major player in the same industry.

To get started, we used Google to identify the most popular Samsung phone in 2023. The answer? The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra – a premium flagship smartphone with top-notch features. It has earned a 4.2 rating on Amazon, with a notable 67.59% of ratings being 5 stars.

Curious about what the customers had to say, we used the Voice of Customer Analytics in the 42Signals App to examine reviews on Amazon for this smartphone and dive into the share of discussion.

Here’s what we found:

share of discussion - most popular samsung phone 2023

Positive Aspects in Share of Discussion:

  • Camera: An impressive 81% of the reviews showed positive sentiment towards the camera quality of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra.
  • Battery: About 66% of the reviews expressed a positive sentiment about the battery life of the smartphone.
  • Performance, Display, Processor, Storage, Quality, and more: All these aspects garnered a 100% positive sentiment in Amazon reviews.

Together, these positive aspects accounted for approximately 43.49% of the total share of discussion about this smartphone.

Neutral Aspects in Share of Discussion:

  • Size and Screen: Customers had mixed feelings (50% positive and 50% negative) about the size and screen of the phone.

These neutral aspects made up around 8.7% of the total share of discussion.

Negative Aspects in Share of Discussion:

  • Charger, Face and Finger Recognition, Build Quality, and others: All these aspects had a unanimous 100% negative sentiment in the shared reviews.

However, these negative aspects only comprised about 4.35% of the discussion share.

Even though the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra has garnered impressive ratings and remains a bestseller on Amazon, we were surprised to discover that it was last available on Amazon on 09/02/2023.

This means that despite its high demand in the Indian market, Samsung might be missing out on numerous customers due to its product being unavailable on one of the major e-commerce sites.

This situation underscores the importance of utilizing Voice of Customer Analytics and Digital Shelf Analytics for brands present on such e-commerce platforms.

E-commerce Analytics can help these brands understand what their customers are saying about them and also help them make sure they are not losing out on customers due to the unavailability of their products!

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