Voice of Customer Analytics

Intelligence to enhance consumer experience

Comprehend customer sentiment with our powerful AI tool, 42Signals. It helps to identify the most relevant topics discussed by consumers by sifting through millions of product reviews. Discern multiple facets of your brand to comprehend customer behavior as we bridge the gap between products and consumers.

Our proprietary AI-ML algorithms grasp the nuances of consumers across platforms. It sifts through millions of customer reviews for identifying key topics, opinions, and sentiments of consumers. The tool simply allows the voices of your customers, heard, through data visualization.

Voice of customer analytics

Consumer Sentiment Analysis

The deep analysis of contextual text mining is imperative for brands to go beyond product, sales, and numbers to understand consumer preferences. Millions of review data collated across multiple platforms are put under the scrutiny of in-house developed machine learning algorithms. This helps to understand the positive and negative aspects of products that consumers purchase. The algorithm is trained to figure out the consumer’s underlying intentions concerning product features, quality, and more.

Asking the Right Questions

Asking the right questions is something that 42Signals well identifies itself with. Identifying sentiments at a topic level helps to look for areas of strength and weakness in a product. Why do customers love our products? Do they hate it because of poor packaging? Why do only a few products get visibility? Asking these questions and more will let you gain credible insights to improve your existing products, as well as to confidently launch new products.

Advantage Over Competitors

Get insights from customer reviews at a granular product level as well as at brand and category levels. Understand how you stack up against competing brands and products. Perform a comprehensive landscape study over the competition on review data with 42Signals. Where the review data is collected across platforms to find an edge over the competitors and improve product performance. Understand the user’s underlying intentions and consumers using data that speaks to you.

Decoding Review Data Effectively

42Signals can help with identifying the emotion behind reviews and ratings, spread across months and years. The Machine Learning ability of our tool analyses positive and negative aspects of your products by performing a comparative study on how you are stacked up against competing brands and products. It simply allows you to understand the sentiment toward your products and brand.

Gain a deep understanding of consumer behavior by tapping into their needs, feedback, and frustrations. Discover opportunities and threats to market your products and services. You can also leverage user-generated keywords to optimize copy and drive conversion. It also feeds into the new product development cycle.

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