Voice of Customer Analytics

Intelligence to enhance consumer experience

Comprehend customer sentiment with our powerful AI tool, 42Signals. With our Voice of Customer Analytics feature, you can identify the most relevant topics discussed by consumers by sifting through millions of product reviews. 

Our proprietary AI-ML algorithms sift through millions of customer reviews to identify key topics, opinions, and sentiments of consumers. 

Equipped with a self-service dashboard, users benefit from –

  • Tailored Insights for Every Team: Craft custom reports that cater to your specific needs. 
  • Visualization Freedom: Create clear and concise reports with various chart types. 
  • Data on Your Terms: Customize the data points to match your organization’s structure and goals. 
  • Goodbye Generic, Hello Actionable: Ditch the one-size-fits-all approach and derive insights that translate into action. 
  • Collaboration Made Easy: Share your reports seamlessly across teams. 
Understand customer feedback, negative and positive sentiments with 42Signals' Voice of Customer Analytics

Consumer Sentiment Analysis

  • Understand Real Consumer Preferences: Dive deep into contextual text mining to grasp what your customers truly want.
  • Harness the Power of Machine Learning: Analyze millions of reviews across platforms with our advanced algorithms to decode positive and negative product sentiments.



  • Deep consumer understanding beyond sales data
  • Precise sentiment analysis concerning product features, quality, and more for product improvement

Asking the Right Questions

  • Ask the Right Questions, Get Valuable Answers: Identify key sentiments at a topic level, revealing strengths and weaknesses in your products.
  • Insightful Inquiry for Product Enhancement: Understand customer preferences and pain points to enhance your product offerings and confidently introduce new ones.



  • Targeted analysis for product strengths and weaknesses, no more guesswork 
  • Insights that help ideate improvements and launch brand new ones 

Advantage Over Competitors

  • Granular Insights for Strategic Edge: Gain in-depth insights from customer reviews at product, brand, and category levels.
  • Competitive Analysis for Market Superiority: Conduct comprehensive studies against competitors using cross-platform review data, understanding user intentions and consumer behavior.



  • Detailed competitive analysis to help identify gaps 
  • Informed strategies for product performance enhancement
Learn how voice of customer analytics helps you gain an advantage over competitors

42Signals can help with identifying the emotion behind reviews and ratings, spread across months and years. The Machine Learning ability of our tool analyses positive and negative aspects of your products by performing a comparative study on how you are stacked up against competing brands and products. It simply allows you to understand the sentiment toward your products and brand.

With our Tool – 

  • Gain a deep understanding of consumer behavior by tapping into their needs, feedback, and frustrations.
  • Discover opportunities and threats to market your products and services. 
  • Leverage user-generated keywords to optimize copy and drive conversion. 

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