beand comparison- apple vs. google part 1

Brand Comparison: Apple vs. Google – Part 1

The festive season brings along multiple sales across various e-commerce platforms, especially Amazon.

Previously we made a brand comparison between 2 of the budget-friendly smartphones in India, but with the festive season upon us, knowing how each of us eagerly awaits the discounted prices of smartphones, we thought of comparing 2 high-end smartphone brands- Apple & Google.

Brand Comparison: Apple vs. Google Smartphones

Operating Systems:

  • Apple develops its closed-source operating systems, iOS and macOS, which are exclusive to Apple devices.
  • Google develops Android, an open-source mobile operating system used by various manufacturers. Chrome OS is another Google operating system primarily used in laptops.

Hardware and Design:

  • Apple: iPhones are known for their premium build quality and sleek design, often using materials like glass and aluminum.
  • Google: Google Pixel phones focus on software optimization and have a clean, minimalist design. They may not always match the premium feel of Apple’s iPhones.

App Stores:

  • Apple: The App Store is known for strict app quality control, which can result in a more secure and curated experience.
  • Google: The Google Play Store has a wider variety of apps, but it may have a few more security concerns due to its more open nature.

Camera and Software:

  • Apple: iPhones are renowned for their camera quality and image processing, as well as their regular software updates and support for several years.
  • Google: Google Pixel phones are highly regarded for their camera software and AI capabilities, often producing excellent photos and receiving timely Android updates.

Price and Affordability:

  • Apple: iPhones tend to be relatively expensive, with some models reaching premium price points. However, they offer good resale value.
  • Google: Google Pixel phones are generally more competitively priced and offer a good balance between performance and cost, making them a more budget-friendly option for some consumers.

Here are some aspects that people often consider when comparing Apple and Google smartphones.

Now, let’s turn our attention to how these two brands fare on Amazon, taking into account factors like the quantity of products sold and the number of customer ratings.

Pt. 1: The Amazon War: Apple vs. Google

brand comparison: apple vs google

As seen above, except for discounts, Apple is a winner for customers on Amazon as compared to Google.

  1. Customer Ratings and Reviews:
    • Apple consistently receives a higher number of ratings and tends to maintain a higher average star rating compared to Google on the Amazon platform. This suggests that customers generally express more satisfaction with Apple smartphones, leading to a positive perception of the brand’s products.
  2. Brand Loyalty and Trust:
    • Apple’s strong brand loyalty and customer trust play a significant role in its success on Amazon. Customers often demonstrate a strong preference for Apple products, contributing to higher sales and more positive reviews on the platform.
  3. Product Popularity:
    • The popularity of Apple’s iPhones relative to Google’s smartphones contributes to the higher number of ratings and better average star rating for Apple on Amazon. The popularity of Apple’s products reflects the broad appeal they have in the market and the way consumers perceive Apple as a premium brand.

Especially when it comes to the number of ratings customers have left and the average. Star rating for Apple is higher when compared to that of Google, making Apple the winner in this brand comparison.

In part 2 of this brand comparison of Apple vs. Google, we will look into the pros and cons of each of the brands based on the reviews customers have left on Amazon.

Stay tuned!

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