Crumbl Cookies: How Listening to Customers Made Crumbl a Billion Dollar Revenue Generating Company

Crumbl Cookies: How Listening to Customers Made Crumbl a Billion Dollar Revenue Generating Company

Crumbl Cookies, a Utah-based firm renowned for delivering cookies, has generated over $1 billion in revenue in 2022, achieving this feat a mere five years following its inception in 2017. This astonishing accomplishment can be traced back to the unwavering determination of its creators to recognize and act upon customer preferences & feedback.

By doing so, Crumbl Cookies fashioned a singular and customized experience that continues to entice customers into repeated purchases. Let’s examine the story behind Crumbl Cookies and discover precisely how their heightened sensitivity towards customer reviews catapulted them into becoming a billion-dollar income-producing organization.

The Beginning of Crumbl Cookies

Jason McGowan and Sawyer Hemsley launched Crumbl Cookies with humble beginnings, initially operating with merely four flavors—Chilled Sugar, Milk Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter Dream, and Cold Fashioned Soft Batch. Right from the get-go, the duo made it a priority to put customer contentment above everything else, leading them to produce generously sized cookies to ensure customers felt they received excellent value for their money.

Additionally, each box contained a diverse selection of flavors, allowing buyers to sample different choices in every purchase. 

Listening to Customers: The Catalyst Behind Exponential Growth

As Crumbl Cookies broadened its footprint across numerous states, the emphasis on customer opinion remained paramount at each stage of development. Recognizing the significance of comprehending consumer tastes, viewpoints, and aspirations, the company adopted several tactics designed to foster meaningful connections and solicit essential input:

Social Media Engagement:

Crumbl Cookies maintains an interactive presence on social networking sites like TikTok, Instagram and Facebook, encouraging users to post images of their most cherished cookies, air their thoughts, and even propose original concepts for future flavors. 

Weekly Flavor Rotations: 

Every week, Crumbl Cookies debuts four distinct rotational flavors besides their standard menu offerings. This approach facilitates imaginative exploration of unusual combinations while sustaining curiosity and excitement amongst repeat customers. 

Customer Surveys:

Post-purchase, either online or in-person, customers obtain a follow-up questionnaire requesting feedback on their general encounter, particular appraisals related to the weekly selections, packing, and other components pertinent to both the merchandise and services provided. Dissecting these answers empowers Crumbl Cookies to refine their inventory

Limited Time Offerings (LTOs): 

Capitalizing on seasonal motifs and celebratory milestones, Crumbl Cookies periodically unveils restricted edition concoctions tailored to specific occasions. Instances comprise Halloween-inspired Pumpkin Cheesecake and Caramel Apple variants.


Throughout its impressive trajectory, Crumbl Cookies has persistently placed clients at the helm of decision-making procedures Through active social media collaboration, recurring flavor modifications, targeted surveys, innovations, and community collaborations, the corporation has built a vast and loyal customer base.

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