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Crumbl Cookies Case Study: Using Consumer Insights to Enhance Product Development and Sales

Understanding the Importance of Consumer Insights

Consumer insights are actionable information about customers’ needs, wants, expectations, and behaviors when interacting with a company or using its products. These insights enable organizations to make data-driven decisions regarding product design, marketing campaigns, pricing, and other critical business areas. 

In essence, insights on consumers help brands connect with their target audience more effectively by offering personalized experiences based on deep knowledge of customer preferences.

Crumbl Cookies’ Approach to Gathering Consumer Insights

Founded in 2017, Crumbl Cookies has quickly become one of America’s favorite cookie delivery services, boasting over 300 locations across the country as of early 2023. The company’s success can be attributed primarily to its commitment to gathering and applying customer insights throughout all aspects of its operations. 

Crumbl Cookies' Approach to Gathering Consumer Insights

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Here’s a closer look at some key methods employed by Crumbl Cookies to gather valuable consumer insights:

  • Social Media Listening:

With millions of active users sharing their thoughts and opinions online daily, social media platforms provide an abundant source of real-time feedback for businesses. To capitalize on this wealth of information, Crumbl Cookies actively monitors conversations related to its brand, competitors, and industry trends through tools like Hootsuite and Brandwatch. 

By analyzing these social discussions, the company gains valuable insights into what consumers love (or dislike) about various cookies, flavors, packaging options, and overall ordering experience.

  • Customer Surveys and Reviews

Another effective way to collect customer insights is via direct communication with customers through surveys and review sites such as Yelp, Google My Business, and TripAdvisor. Crumbl Cookies regularly sends out post-delivery emails asking clients to rate their experience and share any suggestions they might have for improving future orders. 

Additionally, the company encourages customers to leave reviews on popular third-party websites, where potential new buyers often turn for guidance before making purchasing decisions.

  • Focus Groups and User Testing

While quantitative data from social listening and survey responses offers useful insights, qualitative research provides a deeper context and a nuanced understanding of customer motivations and behavior patterns. 

As part of its ongoing innovation efforts, Crumbl Cookies organizes focus groups comprised of loyal fans who volunteer to taste-test new flavor combinations and provide candid feedback. Similarly, user testing sessions allow the team to observe firsthand how different demographics navigate the website, place orders, and engage with various features.

  • Data Analytics

Finally, Crumbl Cookies utilizes advanced analytics tools to analyze sales data, track customer purchase history, identify seasonal trends, and measure the impact of promotional activities. By integrating these findings with external market intelligence, the company can develop targeted marketing campaigns designed to attract specific segments of its diverse clientele base.

How Consumer Insights Fuel Business Success?

How Consumer Insights Fuel Business Success?

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Armed with rich customer insights gleaned from multiple sources, Crumbl Cookies set forth on a mission to revolutionize the cookie delivery landscape. Some notable examples of successful applications include:

  • Menu Engineering

Based on extensive customer research revealing strong demand for unique and adventurous flavors, Crumbl Cookies introduced limited-time-only (LTO) menu items featuring creative concoctions like Biscoff Pie, Key Lime Pie, and Maple & Bacon. By constantly refreshing its lineup and incorporating customer favorites into permanent offerings, the company keeps patrons excited while simultaneously catering to evolving tastes.

  • Packaging Innovation

Recognizing that presentation plays a significant role in customers’ satisfaction levels, Crumbl Cookies invested heavily in developing eye-catching, functional packaging solutions. For instance, each box contains several compartments specifically designed to keep individual cookies fresh during transport – a feature appreciated by many time-strapped professionals seeking convenient yet delicious dessert options.

  • Marketing Personalization: 

Leveraging the vast amount of data collected through various channels, Crumbl Cookies creates customized marketing messages tailored to individual preferences and interests. Whether it’s promoting vegan-friendly alternatives to traditional cookie recipes or highlighting special deals available only on birthdays, the company consistently demonstrates its commitment to meeting each customer’s unique needs.

Marketing Personalization

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Best Practices for Brands to Harness Customer Insights

The following best practices distilled from Crumbl Cookies’ approach can serve as a roadmap for other brands aiming to leverage these insights to boost product development and sales:

  1. Employ Multiple Methods for Collecting Feedback: Adopt a multi-faceted strategy for gathering customer insights, combining both qualitative and quantitative techniques. Utilize social media monitoring, customer surveys, focus groups, user testing, and data analytics to paint a comprehensive picture of your target audience’s preferences, habits, and pain points.
  1. Regularly Refresh Offerings Based on Market Demand: Keep abreast of emerging trends and incorporate them into your product lineup. Introduce limited-time-only items that resonate with customers’ desire for novelty and excitement. Continuously iterate and improve upon existing products based on feedback received.
  1. Prioritize Functionality and Design: Invest in high-quality packaging solutions that not only protect your products but also appeal visually. Ensure that functionality remains paramount; prioritize ease of use, convenience, and sustainability when designing containers, wrapping materials, and shipping boxes.
  1. Create Customized Marketing Messages: Use the wealth of data at your disposal to craft personalized communications addressing individual customers’ needs, preferences, and life events. Implement segmented email campaigns, tailored promotions, and targeted advertising efforts aimed at engaging specific demographic groups.
  1. Foster Open Communication Channels: Encourage dialogue between your brand and its customers by soliciting feedback, responding promptly to queries, and acknowledging concerns. Make it easy for consumers to reach out via social media, live chat, phone support, and email. Cultivate a reputation for being responsive, transparent, and committed to delivering exceptional experiences.
  1. Monitor Competitor Activity: Stay informed about rival brands’ moves within your market segment. Analyze competitor strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT analysis) to ensure your value proposition remains compelling and differentiated.
  1. Establish Clear Metrics for Measuring Impact: Define measurable KPIs linked directly to your application of consumer insights. Track progress against these metrics over time to assess effectiveness and adjust course accordingly. Examples of relevant KPIs may include customer acquisition costs, lifetime value, net promoter scores, conversion rates, and average order values.
  1. Empower Cross-Functional Collaboration: Facilitate collaboration among teams responsible for product development, marketing, sales, and customer support. Break down silos and promote open communication channels to facilitate seamless integration of customer insights across all touchpoints along the customer journey.
  1. Remain Agile and Responsive: Lastly, maintain flexibility in adapting to changing market conditions and shifting consumer demands. Be prepared to pivot swiftly in response to newfound insights, experiment boldly with innovative ideas, and embrace calculated risks as integral components of long-term growth strategies.


By diligently applying consumer insights across every aspect of its operation, Crumbl Cookies has emerged as a formidable player within the ultra-competitive food delivery space. 

Through continuous iteration and improvement driven by deep customer understanding, the company continues to delight fans nationwide while driving impressive sales growth.
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