Olipop’s Journey to Soaring Success in 5 Years

From $100,000 investment to $20 million/month: Olipop’s Journey to Soaring Success in 5 Years 

Olipop, a visionary brand transformed a modest $100,000 investment into a stunning monthly revenue of $20 million in just five short years. Co-founded by David Lester and Ben Goodwin in 2018, Olipop a small fish in a sea of sharks, made its name in the highly competitive beverage industry with healthy and delicious sodas. 

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Olipop’s Early Days 

When Olipop first emerged on the scene, many skeptics doubted the potential for a healthy soda brand to succeed. However, through determination and creativity, Goodwin and Lester proved doubters wrong. 

When consumers started becoming hyper-aware of the staggering sugar content in sodas by Pepsi and Coca-Cola, Olipop emerged with a soda that’s actually good for you! 

By focusing on natural ingredients and unique flavors, Olipop rapidly gained popularity among consumers seeking better alternatives to traditional sugary sodas. In a few years, Olipop managed to create a profitable business and a loyal customer base amidst intense competition with the beverage industry giants – ending the market monopoly spanning decades. 

Milestones Along the Way

Some notable achievements along Olipop’s remarkable journey include:

  • Raising $2.5 million in seed funding in 2019, led by Monogram Capital Partners, which helped expand production capabilities and distribution networks.
  • Securing $13 million in additional seed funding in 2020, backed by reputable firms such as Döhler Ventures and Terpsi Capital, further solidifying Olipop’s position as a rising star in the industry.
  • Attracting high-profile celebrity investors during a $30 million funding round in early 2022, including Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Joe Jonas, Kevin Jonas, Mindy Kaling, Logic, and Gwyneth Paltrow—valuing the brand at $200 million.

Key Factors Behind Their Success

Several strategic moves contributed significantly to Olipop’s rapid rise, including:

  1. Focusing on Health Benefits: With a commitment to utilizing natural, plant-based ingredients, Olipop created a line of products appealing to health-conscious consumers eager to reduce their sugar intake without sacrificing flavor.
  2. Creative Marketing Strategies: Innovative marketing campaigns, such as partnering with pop sensation Camila Cabello, elevated brand awareness and attracted new audiences searching for refreshing drink options.
  3. Expanded Distribution Network: Establishing relationships with major retail chains allowed Olipop to reach more customers than ever before. Currently available in over 23,000 stores nationwide, including giants like Amazon, Target, and Whole Foods.
  4. Strong Leadership & Vision: Understanding the importance of sustainable growth, co-founders Goodwin and Lester consistently demonstrated strong leadership skills and maintained a clear focus on creating a positive impact within the industry.

As of 2023, the brand records $20 million in monthly revenues, reflecting the widespread consumer demand for healthier drink choices. 

Olipop proves that investing time, energy, and resources into developing quality products centered around customer needs can lead even the smallest enterprises to extraordinary success stories.

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